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property list in obj c on mac. setters/getters

To start we need a prop list. So go to file->new file. Within the Resource section under Mac OS X you see a property list file. Hit next and give it the name Data. once you have done that, click … Continue reading

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Easy inside bundle folder creation for Mac

Quick tidbit of creating folder within the bundle path NSFileManager *fm = [NSFileManager defaultManager]; NSError *error; NSString *bundleRoot = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath]; NSString *dataPath = [NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@/picImages”, bundleRoot]; NSLog(@”dataPath is %@”,dataPath); [fm createDirectoryAtPath:dataPath withIntermediateDirectories:NO attributes:nil error:&error];

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I have recently been using NSDate for a lot of diffrent aspects of my apps. I thought I would post the easiest way I have found to get at the date and its parts. NSDate *date = [NSDate date]; NSString … Continue reading

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